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Bus Ticket - Kaissara Bus Line

History of Kaissara

Kaissara was recently created and will operate 68 routes that first was Itapemirim’s responsible. This decision was made after a split of both companies. With the promise that the company will be one of the best options inside the national terminals, the company will provide new vehicles which will be equal to the vehicles of Itapemirim. The company was inaugurated in june of 2015 and it’s considered the newest and main bus line in the country, that will start its operations with a huge vehicles fleet, and also will get some of the passengers that already know Itapemirim. Kaissara will be responsible for routes like Salvador - Recife, Rio de Janeiro - Balneário Camboriú, São Paulo - Rio de Janeiro and Juiz de Fora - Florianópolis, which are the most ordered routes and the company will pass thru the most known terminals too, like Rodoviária Tietê, Rodoviária Novo Rio and Rodoviária Barra Funda.

Telephone: 0800 723 2121