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Viacao Estrela

Viacao Estrela

Meet Viação Estrela

Viação Estrela was founded in 1956 and over 60 years the company has become synonymous of a safe and comfortable bus trip 

With a fleet of 36 buses and traveling 2 million miles per year , the company's route the state of Rio Grande do Sul and the corresponding Mercosur countries : Brazil , Argentina , Peru , Bolivia and Paraguay.

For the development of the company and the largest expansion of its services , they strives to provide a quality service to all passengers , including models buses among: conventional bus , executive and bed type for interstate travel and tourism.

Meet the bus models of Viação Estrela and travel through South America with this company which is one of the largest bus lines in Brazil .

Travel by bus with Viação Estrela . Travel with ClickBus !

Meet Estrela:

Address : Mother Star / RS - Avenida Rio Branco , 217 - East Neighborhood - Star / RS

Phone / Fax : +55 (51) 3712-1499 | Email : [email protected]