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Angra dos Reis Bus Station | ClickBus

Angra dos Reis Bus Station receives around 30 thousand passenger per month, that travel by using one of the 7 platforms inside the of the bus terminal.

This Bus Station is located from 2,5km from the downtown. Offers easy access to bus stop in all city that takes passengers from and to the bus terminal from 20 in 20 minutes.

Also known as Terminal Rodoviário Nilton Barbosa, also count on táxi stop and a great parking area with space for 81 cars.

Arriving at Angra dos Reis  bus terminal could not be easier. While it is located around 1 ¼ miles away from downtown, there’s many ways in which one can get there without any trouble.


Av. Almirante Jair Carneiro Toscano de Brito, nº 110.

Phone number:

+55 (24)3365-2041

Main Bus Lines