Frequent Asked Questions
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Frequent Asked Questions

1 - What is a voucher? It can be used as ticket?

Voucher is a brief of your ticket order that proves and confirm the payment of your ticket, however it doesn’t work as bus ticket.

2 - How do I get my ticket?

To get your ticket you should go to the company window at bus stations and show your ID given at the moment of your purchase and seats reservation. To get your ticket with tranquility get on time at the bus stations with at least 1 hour in advance of your departure. Some of the companies already have special windows to ticket changing for those tickets, bought online what makes easier and faster to the traveller to change your.

3 - Do I need to show my voucher at the exchange moment?

Is not necessary to print your voucher and take it to the bus station.

You just need to show your original ID document with picture, informed at the moment of the seats reservation of ticket purchase.

4 - Can I trace my purchase/ticket through the site?

Yes, we do have tools in our site, that make it possible, inside ´Login´area.

If you have register, make your login and access your trip history.

If you’re not registered yet , you can have informations regarding you bus ticket informing your loc. Number or e-mail.

5 - My ticket can be taken for another person at bus station?

No. The bus ticket need to be taken by the own passenger, by showing his original documents (ID) informe at the moment of purchase.

6 - Can I transfer my ticket to another person?

No It’s not possible to transfer your ticket to other person, that’s because the ticket is personal and untransferable.

If there is a specific situation, you can make contact directly with the bus company responsable for your trip.

7 - How can I change or make any cancelation on my ticket?

To make the cancelation of your bus ticket, make contact with us with at least 24hours in advance of your departure, confirm your personal informations and we will make the procedure.

Inside the terms of ANTT (National Association of Ground Transportation), the Exchange of departure time will be attached to availability of ticket at the day and time requested by the passenger, being guaranteed to the traveller the option of having the ticket with date and time having the option to let the ticket in “opened”, with expiration date of 12 (twelve) months, counted from the original date on the ticket, the ticket will have an readjustment of prices if not used until the stipulated deadline.

8 - Can I choose my seat in the bus?

Yes. The availability of seats are shown by the bus companies, It makes possible to the passenger, to choose his seat according to preference.

Reminding that the bus companies remain with the right of blocking the seats reservation with a certain advance and also cancel or modify the reserved seats without previous warning.

9 - I have a minor child, of twelve years old. Can he travel alone?

Yes, but there is some conditions.

Children minor of 12 (twelve) years old can travel with their relatives (mom, dad, great-grandparents, grandfathers, uncles, Brothers or nephews bigger than 18 years old, besides legal guardians) since the parenthood could be confirmed by oficial documents.

In case of no evidence of parenthood between the child minor of 12 years old and his company, should be presented a written autorization signed by the father or the mother with notary authentication.

To travel alone It will be necessary to the minor of 12 years old to have an judicial authorization that might be requested by their parentes inside of “Juvenile Court Office” or at the district forum

Minors of twelve years old can travel between metropolitan regions without the necessity of having judicial authorization.

Teenagers between 12 and 17 years old, can travel without the company of relatives, reminding that they need to be with the identification number.

10 - Can I make my pet transportation in the bus travel?

Yes. The passengers of bus stations can travel with domestic animals since they’re not prejudicial to the well being and convenience of the rest of the passengers.


•             Only small and médium pets are authorized to get into the bus.

•             The passenger should present document signed by a vet doctor, testifying the good health conditions of the pet. This document has na expiration date of 10 days and if your trip expires this time It will be necessary to provide another certificate at the destination point.

•             The passenger should present the animal vaccine card updated.

•             The transportation must be done in a container made of fiber glass or similar, It guarantee the hygiene, safety and comfort conditions of the animal.

•             The conteiner must stay on the floor of the bus next to the passenger, not occupying physical space of other seats or the corridor.

•             The container must be in good hygiene conditions and if necessary, at the bus stop a new cleaning must be done.

•             The animal must stay locked at the container during all trip (except at bus stop when It is possible to leave the vehicle and the container).

•             If were a company wish, the extra seat for the animal can be charged as an extra fee.

•             If there is a compartment inside of the bus, properly insulated with good conditions of lightning, ventilation and safety, the animals can be transported inside of that space.

•             The animals can’t travel with tied legs or any other method that can cause suffering or stress.

•             The animal can be sedated during the trip, according to a vet doctor orientation.

•             It is forbidden to make the transportation of an animal that because of your species, size, ferocity, venom or health, can commit the safety and conforto f the vehicule ando f your travellers or third parts.

•             Apenas será permitido o transporte de aves e animais silvestres com autorização do IBAMA.

•             The animal and silvester birds transportation will only be allowed  with IBAMA authorization.


11 - There is a luggage weight limit to bus travels?

In the Luggage compartment, is allowed to carry volumes untill 80,38 pounds 90,43ft total.

Inside of the volume compartment, is allowed to carry only 13,4 pounds of total weight with dimensions that adapt yourself to this compartment, since the safety and comfort of the passengers is not compromised

In case of franchise exceeded the passenger will be charged for excesso of luggage.

It is forbidden the transportation of material considered dangerous.

In case of, luggage loss or damage you have the right to a indenization provided by the bus company.

12 - I’m disabled, can I buy my bus ticket online?

Yes. You can buy your bus ticket online but we advise you to get in contact with the bus line responsable for the trip so that you can be assisted at the time of boarding.

Reminding that the disabled passengers (fisically, mental, auditive or visual)  that has a per capita income of one salary at minimum will have the right of reserve 2 free tickets in each vehicule of the conventional type. This benefit is valid for all week days and time.

To have this benefit guaranteed is necessary to make a request to Ministério dos Transportes o Passe Livre

13 - I am elderly, what are my benefits?

According to the Elderly Statute the bus lines are required to maintain 2 seats reserved for free use to all passengers above age of 60 years old and income equal or less than 2 minimum salary. If those seats were taken, the bus lines should grant a descount of 50% at the moment of ticket purchase.

This conditions should be verified directly at the bus line window.

14 - Which age make children became payable passengers?

According to Decree 2521/98, that regulates the Interstate Highway Transportation of Passengers, is allowed children below 5 years old to travel without the phisycal bus ticket, since this children does not take na available seat and travel at your responsable lap.

Emphasizing that the presentation of Birth Certificate or original or authenticated ID of the minor is enough to its boarding, if this were going to travel together with parents, grandparents and other relatives protected by law, otherwise besides showing one of the documents listed above, It will be necessary a judicial authorization

15- Do I have the right to have insurance?

Yes. To travel guaranteed by DPVAT (Danos Pessoas Causados por Veículos Automotores de Via Terrestre) and Civil Responsability.

16 – I am student, do I have the right to pay half of the price on the bus ticket?

There is no national law that defines that the ticket from bus station must be 50% (fifty percent) free of charge, mostly because each state has a diferente law regarding this rule for students.

We advise the student to verify the availability directly at the bus line bust we can’t guarantee the benefit.

17 – My bus trip will be extended to other countries inside LATAM. Which documents should I take?

The necessary documents are listed below:


•             Adultos: RG ou Passaporte,

•             Adults: ID or Passport

•             Minors of 18 years old with company of their parents or legal responsable: ID or Passport (Is not allowed birth certificate).

•             Minors of 18 years old without their responsable company: ID or Passport (Is not allowed birth certificate) and parents authorization with with photo expedited by juvenile court.

Other Nationalities:

•             Foreigners (tourists) must shown your passport to get on board

•             Foreigners resident inside Brazil: RNE and Passport.

•             Foreigners with expired visa should access the IRS.

•             To get your bus ticket at international routes is necessary to presente original documents of the passengers.