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Expresso Luxo

Expresso Luxo

Meet Expresso Luxo

Expresso Luxo works with two types of segment: Chartered services and tourism. Accting with routes between the cities of São Paulo and Santos, one of the main bus line companies working in that route, Expresso Luxo is in the market for more than 60 years, offering to your clients convenience, comfort and safety,providing a unique and fast trip.

Expresso Luxo fleet offers vehicules with 42 seats, air conditioning, CD player, DVD, 3 monitors, toilet, eletric freezer and microfone. These buses are available in conventional model, that guarantee a fast and safe trip!

Travel by bus to São Paulo coast never been so easy! Get your bus ticket and meet the best beaches in Santos or meet the capital of São Paulo, with Expresso Luxo you can do It on the best way.