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Bus ticket to Campinas, SP


Campinas - São Paulo | ClickBus

The city of Campinas is located at countryside of São Paulo state, is also, between the most popular cities according to turists taste and is considered as the “Capital of Countryside”, due to your structure and number of good resources. It has also many options to who desire’s to have fun and enjoy some unusual and different relax days.

History of the City

Campinas was founded at July 14th of 1774 by Barreto Leme. The city was born as a rural neighborhood from Vila de Jundiaí, know as “Campinas do Mato Grosso”. This place was where the typical city drovers used to make your stops when they where following your path to the state of Tocantins, using a road the connected them to the South of Brazil with state of Goiás, where gold mines were found. A Litlle chapel was built because the most near church was located at the Jundiaí village. On the day of the foundation of the city, Barreto Leme received the title of founder, administrator and diretor of urban core. At the region certain activities were developed as sugar cane extraction, coffee and rail roads, attracting a great amount of imigrants and development to the region. Through this point the city begun to become na industrial city and today is one of the most importante poles of the country.

Sightseeing Points

The Estação CulturaCatedral Metropolitana, Parque Portugal, tours by Maria Fumaça (little monorail), Basílica Nossa Senhora do Carmo, the parks UNICAMP are some of the Sightseeing Points of the city the has aproximately 1 million citizens.

 How to get There

Find your bus ticket to Campinas! At the site there are multiple schedules, options of vehicule and prices! The Campinas Bus Station receives passengers every day that comes and goes through bus lines as Viação Garcia, viação Cometa, Viação Gardênia, between many others. Guarantee your trip!