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Assis - São Paulo | ClickBus

The county of Assis is located at the countryside of São Paulo and has almost 100 thousand citizens.

City History

The first big hero of Backwoods was José Teodoro de Souza that left the city of Pouso Alegre and went to the province of São Paulo, going straight to Mogi MirimBotucatu and other destinations. When the news of land ownership were noticed, Teodoro already had the first land possessions

In July of 1905 the Capitain Francisco de Assis Nogueira has given 80 bushels of land to the church, to became a historical heritage of a Chapel. With time passing by, some people has reached the city and built their houses and other buildings around.

At April 6 of 1918, the aldermen choose the first mayor and at March 20 gave the office of the County. We must remember that the railroad Sorocabana and consequently the coffee has contributed the region development.