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Joinville - Santa Catarina | ClickBus

The city of Joiville is located about 157klm from Florianópolis, the great and most popular city of beautiful beaches and warm citizens, the origin of your ancestry are germanic, because of that you can find there a people with beautiful blue eyes and Golden hair. The county is one of the most popular at the country state of Santa Catarina and is full of a rich gastronomy that is expert in seafood, where you can Always eat anything stuffed with huge shrimps, from pizza to a sofisticated risoto, your passion for the sea pleasures.

Joinville History

At March 9th of 1851, Joiville was founded with the arrival of the firsts imigrants from Norway, Germany, Switzerland and others. This land received the name of Colônia Dona Francisca, but only after couple years, arrived the firts Setllers, together with the Portugal citizens and indian that was already inside the region, after the year of 1852, the colony was nominated as Joinville.