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Bus ticket to Cascavel, PR


Cascavel - Paraná | ClickBus

About 597 klm from the capital, the city of Cascavel, located at Paraná and famous for being one of the best places to live, work and travel. With a lot popularity, gets the attention of tourists by offering certain points of relaxation: Zoo Municipal of Cascavel, Square of Migrante,  Municipal Lake, Ponte Molhada and the Parque Ambiental.

The commerce and industry of the region are modern and the área of agribusiness is very active. At the city, is possible to find the practice of sports as handebol, canoeing, futsal, athletics and artistics manifestations during some festivals. The museum of Art of Cascavel (MAC), of Image and Sound (MIS), Histórico de Cascavel Celso Sperança and Espaço Cultural Igreja do Lago also are parts of the local structure.