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Bus ticket to Uberaba, MG


Uberaba - Minas Gerais | ClickBus

The city of Uberaba is located at state of Minas Gerais and is reference when the subject is agriculture, and the specialty of your farmes is raising a specific type of catlle named Zebu and because of that the city receive every year a fair called Expozebu one of the greatest events at Uberaba. You can also enjoy Auctions, shows and rodeos in the same event.

City History

The city had your origin at the same time as the Triângulo Mineiro occupation that obtained authority of state of Goiás untill 1816. The people gained strength through the leadership of a sargent called Antônio Eustáqui da Silva e Oliveira in 1809 when took course ahead with the land exploration and dynamics of Hinterlands administration.

At March 2nd of 1820, the city became village otherwise only in 1856 was elevated to a city, with the name of Uberaba becaming an importante comercial pole tha grown with the emerge of the Railroad, in 1889. At the XX century the county has grown due to the productive agriculture, industry, commerce and variety on industry and urban structure.

Sightseeing Points

If your objective is tourism, you will not be without options. Inside the city you can found parks, museums, the Historical Heritage, Peirópolis Village, County Market, also have the opportunity to visit the “Casa de Memórias e Lembranças” to the grave of the famous médium Chico Xavier, where he lived for 40 years untill the day of your death.

How to get There

Purchase your bus ticket to Uberaba! Inside ClickBus website there are multiple schedules, options, vehicule category and prices! The Bus Station of Uberaba, receives passenger every day that makes your trip through bus lines as Viação Real Expresso. Guarantee your bus line!