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Bus ticket to Juazeiro do Norte, CE


Juazeiro do Norte - Ceará | ClickBus

Juazeiro do Norte is located at state of Ceará, has a population of aproximately 250 thousand citizens and is one of the most importante regions on the state. The county has a behavior based on the ideology of Priest Cicero Romão Batista and due to your religous environement, attracts a amount of faithful turists to pray and thank the memory of Cícero Romão.

City History

Everything begun when a religious cult happened in 1889 where Priest Cícero ministered the communion together to the religious people and a curious fact called their attention to a act considered as a miracle, at a certain moment of priests prayer during the communion act, a religou women receveid from Cícero a communion wafer and It suffered a transmutation into blood. According to the history, the fact happened multiple times and during a time was considered by the religious people as a miracle.

Due to this fact, the catholics begun to visit the city looking for advices and blessings, because of this the city was growing and gaining streets, houses and small business started to grow making possible also the political and economic growth of the city becoming today a recognized county.

Sightseeing Points

Among the main touristic destinations at Juazeiro do Norte there are Basílica Menor de Nossa Senhora das Dores, the Capela de Nossa Senhora do Perpétuo SocorroSantuário de São Francisco das ChagasSantuário do Sagrado Coração de JesusCasarão do Horto, the museums, Memorial Padre Cícero

How to Get There

Purchase your bus ticket to Juazeiro do Norte! Inside our site there are many options of time, vehicules and prices available! The Bus Station of Juazeiro do Norte receives passengers every single day that makes your trip through many bus lines as Viação Guanabara. Guarantee your trip and enjoy a great time!