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Brasil Sul

Brasil Sul

Meet Brasil Sul

Founded in 2004,  is one of the newest companies at the bus travel market, with a previous experience acquired through effort and hard work, Brasil Sul opened the doors with the intention of integrate safety to the trips and quality in terms of service delivery, offering a fleet with brand new vehicles and exceptional services.

The cities that receives this bus line, are Cascavel, Londrina, São Paulo, Florianópolis, Balneário Camboriu, Porto Alegre and dozens of other cities of south of Brazil.

With types of vehicles that are modern and equipped, the bus line offers two types of standardization: Conventional with 44 seats available, bathroom, bed seats and tv.Bed Seat: with 20 seats available, DVD/TV, Freezer, air conditioning, Microphone, Sound, Wi-fi, Gambling Table.

Plus, you can have the services of orders delivery and still VIP room, to whom is coming to São Paulo, at the Terminal of Barra Funda. Enjoy the TV, Couch, Computers with Wi-Fi, Bathrooms, Showers, and Cabinets.